Selection and use of a penis pump

penis enlargement pump

The penis enlargement pump is made in the form of a cylinder. The device also has a special pump for air injection. The pump can be used in parallel with performing special exercises at home. As a result, you can increase the penis by a few centimeters.

Instructions for use

The product strengthens blood circulation in the pelvic region, activates the process of tissue regeneration. The pump is a useful device, its main purpose is to increase the size of the genitals. However, it is recommended to consult a doctor before watching a special video lesson. The shelf life of the product is determined individually.

Here are some signs to use a penis enlargement pump:

  • weakening of sexual desire;
  • small size of penis;
  • inactive lifestyle accompanied by pelvic congestion;
  • lack of vivid feelings during intimacy.

With the help of a penis enlargement pump, you can achieve noticeable results:

  1. increased libido. This effect can be achieved by activating blood flow to the penis. When using a vacuum pump, a member of the stronger sex develops a lasting erection that lasts a long time;
  2. temporary increase in the size of cavernous bodies. This process stops with the collapse of the erection;
  3. Reduces the likelihood of prostatitis or hemorrhoids. The pump prevents disruption of blood flow in the pelvic region;
  4. increased sensitivity in the body. This effect is explained by tissue hyperemia. As a result, the feelings of intimacy become stronger and richer.


It is not recommended to use a pump for penis enlargement in the presence of the following contraindications:

  • presence of an inflammatory process in the area of the foreskin;
  • urethritis in the acute stage;
  • liver failure;
  • severe kidney disease;
  • worsening of blood clotting;
  • increase in blood sugar concentration;
  • hypovitaminosis. In this situation, the vessels are often brittle and fragile.

Frequency of use

There are certain guidelines for using a pump for male development. The product description is a type of instruction that must be strictly followed.

During the first week of using the penis enlargement pump, two sessions a day are performed. Their duration should not exceed 10 minutes. In the second week, the duration of classes is increased to 15 minutes (twice a day). If you are worried, return to the original training regimen.

It is worth explaining how much the duration of lessons should be increased in the future. It is recommended to increase the duration of one procedure to 20 minutes in the third week. During the fourth week, two sessions should be held: 10 and 20 minutes. In the final stage, the duration of the procedure is 40 minutes a day.

The following recommendations should be followed when using a penis enlargement pump:

  1. the device should not be used when taking drugs that have a vasodilating effect;
  2. Men should stop drinking alcohol.
Types of pumps for penis enlargement

Instructions for use

It is recommended to treat the penis with lubricant before using the product. The use of a penis pump involves the use of fat-free products. Lubricating oil should not contain petroleum jelly or other substances with an oily consistency.

Take a hot bath before using the appliance. As a result, blood vessels dilate. A pre-taken hot bath can reduce pain. To increase the elasticity of the relevant tissues, some men use a jelking technique before using the pump.

Hand Devices

Hand devices have a special pear, with the help of which the air is removed from the glass. This reduces the pressure inside the pump and activates blood flow. The result is an increase in the thickness and length of the penis.

It is important! A vacuum pump to enlarge the penis helps increase libido. However, you need to be very careful when using this type of device. Excessive exposure to air can cause side effects such as hematomas and decreased sensitivity of the head of the penis.

The process of using the product is very simple. If the device has an erectile ring, it is placed close to the bottom of the penis. The tube of the device, which is not equipped with a suitable ring, is also squeezed under the genitals. After that, they begin to extract air. If there is a concern, classes are suspended.

Electrical devices

Electrical devices are more expensive than a vacuum pump to enlarge the penis. These devices are very easy to use. A person can independently adjust the air pump level. The probability of side effects when using electrical products is very low.

vacuum pump to enlarge the penis


The hydropower has the following advantages:

  • the probability of injury while using the device is very low;
  • the product increases both the width and length of the penis;
  • the effects of hydropump use may be visible after a short time;
  • The product generally has a positive effect on men's health. After using the hydropump, sexual desire increases, muscle tissue strength increases and the risk of developing urological diseases decreases.

The process of using the product is as follows:

  1. Soak in warm water for 15 minutes. In this case, the groin area should be completely hidden under water.
  2. The device is then placed on the genitals. In this case, the tube is placed on the base.
  3. The man must do several movements of the pump type. This is necessary to remove air from the tube.

When using the device, it is necessary to monitor the constantly increasing pressure in the device. The penis should be carefully and smoothly removed from the hydraulic pump. Otherwise, there is a pressure drop inside the device. This can cause a hematoma.

Consequences of abuse

It is worth following the rules of proper use of the pump for penis enlargement. The duration of a lesson should not exceed 20 minutes. Otherwise, the following complications may occur:

  • bleeding from the penis;
  • blue skin tone in the penis area;
  • appearance of bleeding.

With the appearance of such complications, classes are suspended. It is necessary to wait for the injury to fully heal. In addition, the duration of classes is gradually increasing.

Tool care

There is a rule for the maintenance of the device. The appliance must be washed with lukewarm water and a special detergent before each use. It is recommended that the flask and mastic be treated regularly with a liquid antiseptic. These parts of the device are in contact with the skin of the scrotum and penis. It is recommended to use other drugs that do not contain alcohol. After use, the product is washed with detergent and dried thoroughly with a towel.

Video instructions

In the special video instructions on the network, you can see tips for the proper use of a penis enlargement pump. There are also tips in various videos on the subtleties of product selection. When buying a device, you should pay attention to the following nuances.

  1. seal density;
  2. design reliability;
  3. seal strength;
  4. Customer reviews about this device.

It is important! Devices with erectile rings are recommended. You should buy products with a tube made of clear glass. This will reduce the risk of penile damage.


First sight, male, 35 years old

Because my penis is small, I am always ashamed to have sex. I accidentally learned about the hydraulic pump for penis growth and potential. The method of using the device, the characteristics of the equipment and how to care for the product are very simple. There is a lot of information on this topic on highly specialized sites.

Second review, male, 30 years old

I recently watched a video on how to grow a dick with luxury. I made this device at home. Thanks to her, I was able to diversify my sex life, I achieved brilliant sensations during orgasm!

Third review, male, 25 years old

Unfortunately, I am not yet mentally ready for penis enlargement surgery. I am very worried that serious complications may occur after the operation. But I found a way out of a difficult situation. Recently I decided to use a home-made hydraulic pump. In parallel, he took medication to increase sexual desire. The tool increases the duration of sexual intercourse. The dietary supplement contains natural ingredients. Therefore, the probability of side effects is very low.

By using a hydropump, a man can enlarge his penis and protect himself from prostatitis. Feedback from members of the stronger sex who use this device is generally positive.