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Erogen X penis enlargement - General

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gel bottle dispenser


150 ml/pack.


lack of penis size

Erogen X - an innovative way to increase penis size at home without surgery, powerful drugs, and the use of traumatic tools (extenders, vacuum pump). The gel is intended for external use massage the penis to increase its length and diameter.

Studies have shown that daily use gel months after penis grows to 4 cm long and 1, 5 cm in diameter. Regular use does not cause allergies and other side effects. Lightweight construction eliminates the possibility of the formation of blisters and other damage during use. Consumer reviews confirm, that the manufacturer features Erogen X true.

The gel formula is a safe website, which is aimed only to improve the male sexual organ, its growth does not have negative effects on the body. Active ingredients:

  • protein hydrolysate and hydrolysate amino acids - growth and volume growth
  • collagen elasticity and skin care
  • triethanolamine - durability and long-lasting sex
  • extract of calendula - increased sensitivity.

How to use it correctly to good results - instruction

as prailno use the gel to Eroge X effective penis enlargement

To achieve high performance it is necessary to follow the instructions to use the gel. One effective way to use Erogen X is the required amount of gel is applied to the penis in stages of erection (intended to provoke, but not at full strength, only 70-80%), RUB the entire length, until completely absorbed. We need to start at the base. A single dose of gel on the individual, about the size of a walnut. The main thing - that the amount of gel completely covers the penis, and to avoid the formation of blisters and injuries, not to RUB his smooth movements.

More effective use of the gel is in addition a special massage. The image presents the basic methods of massage, which, together with the gel to accelerate the penis growth several times.

The result was visible and noticeable already after a month, it is recommended to use Erogen X daily, one to two times a day.

Gel to increase penis only

Strict contraindications to the use of the gel Erogen X does not exist. However, you should refrain, in which the penis injuries, calluses, infectious and inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system, cardiovascular and other serious diseases.

Important information! Because of the large demand for this product cases of forgery, which is not efficient impact on growth and penis enlargement. Watch out for scammers. In croatia buy original gel to increase penis Erogen X only through the official website.