Penis size: how and when to enlarge the genitals of a teenager?

Almost every man has thought about the size of his penis all his life.

Enough size and tall manhood gives self-confidence. To date, there are many techniques that help the penis grow faster.

In this article, let's take a closer look at how you can increase this parameter in the most effective ways.

Penis enlargement techniques

looks at the teenager's pants and wants to increase the dick

Experts have developed methods to help the penis grow. The most common penis enlargement methods:

  • Exercises. In this case, the use of manual training does not take much time. But you have to be patient to get the result you want. Because it will be noticeable only after 2-3 years of regular training.
  • Special devices. In the arsenal of modern technology there are special devices that help the dynamic growth of the penis. However, you should read the instructions carefully before using them. Because their misuse can lead to dangerous consequences.
  • Use of cargo. This method is also intended for long-term use. Suspended loads require at least 2 years. Only then will the desired result be noticeable.

Accelerating the process of penis enlargement is quite possible for every modern man. But to achieve this, you need to follow all the necessary rules, even if safe enough folk methods are used to enlarge the penis.

Should teens use these tips?

Sometimes this question worries teenagers. However, they should not worry, because during adolescence the penis begins to grow and will continue to grow until the growth hormone responsible for the overall development of the body is produced. However, testosterone affects the rate of puberty in boys.

Preparation for the procedure

Before proceeding directly to the procedure, you should carefully study the rules of the selected technique. Because when used incorrectly, the penis can be seriously damaged.

The teen takes a shower before penis enlargement

It is useful to perform the following manipulations when preparing the penis for the procedure:

  1. purchase all materials and equipment required for the selected procedure;
  2. In a bag you need to heat the penis with a small piece of clean natural cloth soaked in salt or warm water. You can take a hot shower for maximum relaxation of all muscles of the body;
  3. A man should not have a 100% erection during the procedure, so it is better to use a special lubricant.

After heating the penis, you can proceed directly to the penis enlargement procedure.

It should be noted that it is possible to increase penis growth during adolescence with proper nutrition.


The growth rate depends on the correct performance of the exercises. Let's take a closer look at the methodology of their implementation.


The advantage of this penis enlargement technique is that Kegel exercises can be done at any convenient time. To do this, you need to perform the following exercises:

  1. Fast massage. This is a beginner's workout. It consists of squeezing and opening the penis. You should start with 20 repetitions. Then gradually increase to 1000 during the day. After a while, 1 compression time should be about 30 seconds.
  2. The load should be gradually increased. Compression and opening times must be the same.
  3. Breathing should be deep and slow during exercise.
  4. You need to tense and relax your genitals while urinating.

Kegel exercises not only help to accelerate the growth of the penis, but also help to strengthen the erection, as well as manage ejaculation.


penis enlargement exercises for teenagers

Jelqing is ideal for men who do not have special devices for penis enlargement. These exercises include:

  1. press the genitals to the base with your index and thumb;
  2. pull forward slowly;
  3. after a few seconds, move to the head of the penis;
  4. the penis should be strong but not cause pain;
  5. the procedure should be repeated with the second hand after reaching the head;
  6. training time should be at least 5 minutes.

It is necessary to use a special lubricant to prevent organ damage during exercise.

The penis should not be completely upright during exercise.


The essence of traction is to increase the speed of penis length. The extension provides an incomplete erection of the penis. Traction Instructions:

  1. exercise can be done in any comfortable position of the body;
  2. you must not forget to warm the penis first;
  3. remove the body from the head in any convenient place;
  4. without exerting too much effort, extend your penis forward and stay in this position for 30 seconds;
  5. then return it to its original state;
  6. not only forward, but also stretch in different directions.

These exercises should last at least 5 minutes a day.

It is necessary to gradually increase the duration of training over time.

Apply penis enlargement cream after exercise to increase results.

Various devices

teen penis pump

To achieve this goal, men who have access to special tools can use the following devices:

  • Vacuum or water pump. The essence of this device is to insert the penis into a special tube. After that, the air is removed from it. As a result, the affected limb stretches. The use of a pump gives an almost immediate result due to the fact that the blood rushes to the body.
  • Expandable. This device should be placed on the penis and worn for 5-6 hours a day. This is one of the safest ways to grow a penis that will help you achieve the desired result in a lifetime.

If you have low sensitivity - no problem! Our recommendations will help you cope with the problem.

It is important to remember! You should consult a specialist before using special devices for penis enlargement! Only the right approach to the procedures with their help will help to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Use of cargo

Before attaching the load to the penis, it is necessary to warm it and make hand movements. After preparing the body, the following manipulations should be performed:

  1. apply a bandage to the penis to help prevent organ damage;
  2. wrap a rope around it to hang the load;
  3. Add a hook with a load of rope.

It is required to start such an exercise with minimal loads. The weight of the load should not exceed 0. 5 kg.

Gradually, the weight should be increased. With a weight of less than 1 kg, the training time should be about 40 minutes. If the weight of the load is more than 5 kg, such training should not exceed 5 minutes.

After hanging the load, you must perform the following manipulations:

  1. in a standing position, a member must lift and lower the load;
  2. after a few exercises, the load should be slowly turned to the sides.

In this way, it is possible to increase the growth rate of the male body in a short time.

The penis should not be in an upright position when hanging weights. Otherwise, you may injure him.

Authoritative performance of any exercise aimed at increasing the growth rate of the penis will help to achieve the desired result without any results.